Custom Klean Kanteens

January 2021 | Words and images by Klean

Cutting down single-use plastic is something we can all get behind; this problem is not going away. One great solution we have here at Klean Kanteen UK is working with business’ and corporations to help them reduce their own plastic footprint by investing in custom printed Klean Kanteens.

Promote your brand, company or organisation with a durable, beautiful custom product — and a commitment to sustainability and health. We collaborate with great companies to reduce single-use containers and help make the world a better (cleaner) place.

Insulated TKWide - Established Coffee
Classic - Doughnut

What’s Involved?

Creating custom Klean Kanteen’s is an easy process - simply choose what colour or design suits your brand and work with us to submit your artwork or company logo. Actually, we say simple, but with over 50 to choose from, you may want to go for a few options.

We will be happy to work with you to tailor the perfect solution to your business and needs.

Why Partner with Klean Kanteen?

We’re helping people kick the single-use habit one Klean at a time. Our products are reusable, BPA- free solutions to everything from plastic water bottles to single-use cups and disposable straws.

We also design all of our products to last a lifetime, meaning you can trust that when making custom solutions for your business, they will stand the test of anything you throw at them.

We truly do have a commitment to sustainability and health, as a family and employee owned B Corp business that values the environment above all, we pledge to give 1% of sales to the preservation and restoration of the natural environment.

Businesses both large and small are realising the perks of greening their day-to-day operations. Replacing single-use plastic water bottles, straws and coffee cups is a step in the right direction for those seeking more economical and environmentally friendly options. We love partnering with businesses to make this goal a reality!

One of our main aims when working with all our Co-Brand clients is to help them reduce their plastic usage, which in turns helps us protect the planet. Who wouldn’t want to share that goal?

Ways to Use Custom Klean Kanteens

The possibilities are endless for opportunities to use custom printed Klean Kanteen bottles.

They make great employee and corporate gifts, our versatile TKWide range are great to cover different employee needs, from keeping water iced to coffee and tea hot.

Want to spread the message of your brand? This is another avenue to get your brand in front of a wider audience or stock your shop with custom Klean Kanteens so customers are spreading the awareness for you! Our Classic Range are great add-on purchases so customers can stay hydrated with branded bottles from their favourite business.

A reusable Klean Kanteen can be the perfect fundraising incentive gift, they are a great way to make your event plastic free (think reusable metal pint cups) and simply – they are an easy way to massively reduce plastic waste within a business.

Next Steps

Like what you’ve read? If you think Custom printed Klean Kanteen products are a must for your business then fill in our Co-Brand enquiry form here.

We also have our Co-Brand brochure to give you more details and take you step by step through the process, order quantities and artwork requirements! Check it out here.

If you think 2021 is the year to start making even bigger steps and commitments to protecting our planet then investing in some custom printed Klean Kanteens for events, corporate use and company gifts is definitely the way forward.