Plastic Free July

July 2021 | Words and Images by Klean Kanteen

Throughout July, we have been focusing on ways to reduce and refuse single-use plastic. Plastic Free July® is a global movement that helps millions of people be part of the solution to plastic pollution – so we can have cleaner streets, oceans, and beautiful communities. In 2020, the movement inspired an estimated 326 million participants in 177 countries.

Did you know, less than 10% of all plastic ever produced has been recycled. We have been banging the drum and shouting about reducing single-use plastic since our beginnings back in 2002, when we introduced the first ever, stainless-steel, reusable water bottle.

Co-owner, Michelle Kalberer, with the her Original Classic water bottle

Awareness is increasing; plastic pollution is on the agenda and we are finally starting to see some big business’ take notice and pledge to reduce their plastic usage. The UK Plastic Pact (a pledge to strip unnecessary plastic from shop shelves by 2025) is backed by over 40 companies, including the main UK supermarkets and will cover 80% of all plastic packaging on UK supermarket shelves and see it removed.

However, we are still seeing devastating affects of plastic in our oceans and huge amounts going to landfill. Estimates suggest that currently less than half of plastic packaging gets recycled and a shocking 8 million pieces of plastic find their way into our ocean daily (OSPAR, 2009). As individuals, every little plastic-free swap helps and voting with your wallet to support sustainable companies making a conscious effort to manage their environmental impact and plastic waste (there is a reason our bottles don’t come with bulky packaging) will help support a future of companies who care for the environment.

There are lots of swaps you can make to reduce your single-use plastic intake, from your eating habits to the way you actually buy your food and do your shopping. Cutting out single-use plastic can take some thought, organisation and planning but once you make the commitment, you won’t look back!

We believe our products are a truly sustainable alternative to the massive threat of single-use waste facing society today. From our plastic-free Reflect bottle, steel cups, straws and lunch boxes, we offer a variety of solutions that are designed to help you remove plastic from your life.

The uses are endless for your Klean Kanteen products and backed by our strong as steel guarantee – they’ll last you a lifetime. If you need a new bottle why not keep your old one as a storage container, pen pot or we’ve even seen them used as a flower vase!

Friends with Insulated TKWide bottles
Insulated TKWide Repurposed as a Vase

We have reusable solutions for beverages and food, hot or cold, no matter your activity. With our TKWide range, you have the perfect bottle for keeping coffee and tea hot to smoothie’s ice cold and drinking water on the go. With five compatible caps you can really make the TKWide suit your needs.

We would love to hear all the sustainable changes you’ve made in your life. Join our community on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag us @kleankanteenUK with your sustainable swaps. Also use the hashtag #BringYourOwn to show your reusable, Klean Kanteen bottle in use instead of plastic alternatives.

Our Top Plastic Free Swaps

Here are some of our top reusable solutions to help you start your pledge towards reducing plastic waste.