Refresh yourself on how-to stay hydrated

2nd October 2019 | Words and images by Klean Kanteen UK

Do you ever feel like your hydration comes as a bit of an afterthought? Do you wake up with the best intentions of topping up your fluid intake throughout the day, but before you know it the day has been and gone and only a drop or two (well, hopefully more than a drop!) has passed your lips?

With so much of our bodies being made up of water, it’s crucial to keep fluids level throughout the day.

Dehydration can affect digestion, energy levels, kidney and brain function, not to mention skin aging and weight loss. Yet, it’s thought that 89% of people in the UK don’t drink enough water.

As advocates for on-the-go-hydration, we’re here with some top tips for pouring some new life into your daily liquid consumption…with a splash of Klean Kanteen inspiration too, of course!

Kid Kanteen

Plan your daily hydration

Depending on your activity that day, plan what you’ll need to drink, how much at each phase of the day and importantly how you’ll consume it (convenience is a huge contributor to single-use plastic, so always be prepared!).


Avoid waiting until you’re gasping for a drink and keep topped up throughout the day instead. If you have a bottle of water to hand all day you’re more likely to keep drinking much more than usual.

Refreshing reminders

There are so many distractions throughout the day that mean hours can pass but feel like minutes. Set reminders or alarms on your phone or computer to remind you to drink throughout the day.

Water alternatives

If you’re not a big fan of plain old water, or you’re just struggling to gulp down around 2 litres of it per day as recommended, don’t worry, there are many alternatives! Sports drinks and coconut water are a great source of hydration, plus fruit and veg generally consist of huge quantities of water too.

Drink by association

Build drinking into your daily routine so that it becomes second nature and not forgotten. If you associate drinking water with your commute or meal times or waking up, for example, you will instinctively reach for the water bottle every time.

Find your Klean Kanteen

We have plenty of choice for your hydration-on-the-go solutions. Each product offers various benefits dependent on your activity, or many products actually have multi-use so one staple Klean Kanteen may be all you need (shhh, don’t tell anyone we said that!).

Hydrate: Our classic stainless-steel water bottles come with a sports cap for super easy consumption. They are also available in sizes 18oz, 27oz, 40oz, 64oz depending on how much rehydration you’ll be needing each day.

Keep cool: The insulated classic range is an evolved version of the original water bottles but in this case when you add ice the water will stay cool from between 50 and 100 hours, dependent on the size of the bottle you buy.


Warm up: All of our insulated bottles keep liquids warm or cool so the choices are endless, but the insulated wide mugs are the perfect thermal flask solution, giving up to 14 hours of retained heat and available in a variety of sizes too.

Little ones: We’ve got your kids covered with our range of Kid Kanteen bottles including insulated water bottles, sippy cups, baby bottles and tumblers with straws.

Pour through our full range here and ditch dehydration for good!



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