Spotlight on Salkan Bags

June 2020 | Words and photos by Salkan Bags

We get to work with some amazing brands through our Custom Klean Kanteen scheme, it’s important to us that we work with partners who share our values and beliefs. We thought we’d share a spotlight on Salkan, we partnered with them to help make a stand against single-use plastic. And keep their customers hydrated while travelling to some epic places with their well-loved, Salkan backpack.

Here’s a little more about them and the story behind Salkan Bags:

“We live in a world with a throwaway culture of ‘fast fashion’ and we are all sometimes guilty of not looking after the products that we own. When we set out to design The Backpacker, we wanted a versatile backpack that would last you a lifetime; a bag that you would cherish for every adventure - your perfect travel companion.

We are Tom and Will – the founders of Salkan. After going through so many travel bags and after many trips between us, we set up Salkan on a ‘buy it well, buy it once’ idea with a fixation on adventure.

With this in mind, The Backpacker has a timeless style and a heritage feel. Travelling from place to place comes with its frustrations, so we have thought about all the pinch points and designed out solutions to make life easy on the road. Our two-bag travel system works together yet each works perfectly alone. With multiple entry points, packing cubes to organise your stuff and durable weatherproof fabric, you are set for adventure.

Klean Kanteen x Salkan Bottles
Klean Kanteen x Salkan Bottle and Bag

Responsibility, for us, is about promoting the Re-Use, Repair and Recycle ethos. If we can reduce the impact that we have on the planet by reducing how many items end up in landfill then this is a good start. By making products that are built to last, we are attempting to work against a throwaway culture. It’s so important to fix products rather than just throw them away and why we offer a repair service for all of our backpacks. If we can’t repair the bag then we try to use as much of the damaged bag for other repairs or even turn it into something else. It’s called closing the loop. Responsibility doesn’t stop at the products we make, and, like Klean Kanteen, we are also proud members of the 1% for the planet movement.

You also don’t want your backpack to be sat in the wardrobe collecting dust when you aren’t travelling. The Daypack works great for an everyday bag or the commute when you have to go back to work. You can also grab extra straps so you can hook extra gear on if you are heading out on a camping or hiking adventure.

We wanted to work with Klean Kanteen and join them on their mission to reduce single-use plastic and give our community an option of a re-usable water bottle to take with them on their travels. We knew the quality of products that Klean Kanteen make would work seamlessly with our backpacks and the sizes we offer fit in all of our external pockets on The Backpacker.”

Working with companies that share our ethos is so important to us here at Klean Kanteen, our products are built to last and we hope we can encourage everyone to take time to purchase products they can re-use again and again, we offer replacement parts and maintenance kits for our bottles to help them last a lifetime.