Supporting Action

We focus on issues that align with our mission, values and passions.

Our Pillars

At Klean, we work to bring benefit to people and to the places we live and play and our nonprofit partnerships reflect that ethos.

We support organisations that are doing vital work in the following areas:



We work with groups that are actively addressing land and water-based pollution through research, education, and policy change.


Safe Consumer

We partner with organisations that advocate for safe consumer products. Their research, education and advocacy inspires us and informs our product development.


Land & Water Conservation

We support organisations that are working to protect and preserve the wild places we love.


Environmental Stewardship

We engage with organisations that inspire people of all ages and backgrounds to love and protect wild places.

We focus our efforts on issues that are core to who we are and what we do: access to clean water and reducing single-use waste.

Clean Water

All life thrives on access to reliable, clean water – it is an essential ingredient to quench thirst, cleanse the body, sustain health and satisfy the soul. At Klean, we also believe access to clean water is a fundamental human right. Clean drinking water starts with healthy streams, rivers and groundwater, so we work with organisations that focus on addressing issues that impair our country’s source waters.

Single Use Waste

At Klean, we’re working to create solutions to the problem of single-use waste. Our solutions start with products designed to replace things like single served packaged water and to-go cups and extend to partnerships with organisations that work to educate, raise awareness, inspire new behaviour and reduce the waste that’s already out there.

It's A Fish Thing have written this great article, which includes some shocking facts about plastic pollution -

1% For the Planet

As a proud 1% For The Planet member, we’ve contributed more than £1.2 million directly to environmental organizations dedicated to preserving and restoring wild places.


FRANK WaterOur small organisation aims to address a big problem, providing safe drinking water to the 663 million people worldwide who still lack access to this basic human right.

Award winning social entrepreneur Katie Alcott founded FRANK Water in 2005 after she contracted dysentery from drinking dirty water. Katie realised that by selling her own ethically sourced brand of bottled spring water, she could use the profits to fund safe drinking water for those communities that needed it most. Today, FRANK Water is a registered charity with a trading subsidiary.

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5 Gyres

5 GyresKlean has been a longtime partner with 5 Gyres, a global leader in the effort to research aquatic plastic pollution—and advocate for and restore healthy, plastic-free oceans. Klean staff have joined a crew of like-minded activists, scientists, and ocean lovers on multiple 5 Gyres expeditions, to collect plastic, bolster legislation, inspire young minds and spread the word about the severe damage caused by plastic in our oceans and waterways.

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