Striving To Be a Model and Leader of Sustainability

At Klean Kanteen "sustainability" is a word we don’t use lightly. It means a lot more to us than adopting individual components like carbon offsets, recycled packaging or wind energy. Put simply, to us a sustainable business is one that gives more than it takes.

A sustainable business considers how individual aspects of operations interrelate with the external world and consciously adopts practices that benefit more than the bottom line. A sustainable business recognises that in order to survive and thrive far into the future, it must consider the sum total of its interactions with people, the environment, culture and technology. This type of awareness and consideration forms the basis for sustainability, weaving it into the very fabric and identity of our company.

In some ways, true sustainability is an impossible goal because it’s an ongoing project, a never-ending path. This journey involves constant research into how our company is currently operating. As understanding of our business grows, we are able to identify where positive changes can be made and wisely implement them, everything from better sourcing of materials to greater levels of transparency with the public.

As we strive to be a model and a leader, sustainability will continue to drive our decisions and our innovations much as it was a driver of the invention of Klean Kanteen itself. There will always be more we can do and Klean Kanteen will always work toward becoming a more sustainable company.

Sustainability Details