UK Coffee Week 2019: best reusable cup discounts

Which coffee shop offers the best discount for your tea and coffee? We’ve rounded up a list of deals ideal for celebrating UK Coffee Week 2019.

What is UK Coffee Week?

UK Coffee Week is a nationwide celebration of coffee that brings together shops, retailers and customers to enjoy a hot brew, while raising funds for those in need. All donations will go directly to Project Waterfall, which aims to bring clean water, sanitation and education to coffee-growing communities across the world. This year the event takes place from 29th April – 5th May 2019, so get involved and make your cup count by either making a donation or joining an online conversation #MyCupMatters.

Which reusable cup to choose?

There are plenty of options available, but try to pick the one that’s durable, eco-friendly and safe to use. A plastic reusable cup may seem like a good investment at first, but many of them can’t be recycled because of their plastic lining. On the flipside, stainless steel flasks and tumblers make it easy to do your bit for the environment, and it’s the first step in helping to establish a long-term solution to plastic pollution. Check out our favourite reusable cups here.

Klean Kanteen Reusable Insulted Wide
Klean Kanteen Reusable insulated Tumbler and Straw

Top 10 reusable cup discounts

Pret A Manger – 50p off: if you #BringYourOwn cup, this sandwich store will offer a 50p discount, which is one of the most generous you can get. Enjoy a cup of organic, filter coffee for as little as 49p!

Paul UK – 50p off: within a year Paul has increased its discount from 10p to 50p. If you’re there, you may want to pick up its loyalty card too. You can get a free coffee and a croissant or pain au chocolat – perfect for Coffee Week!

Pure – 50p off: this London-based café has also increased its reusable cup discount to 50p.

Grand Central Rail – 50p off: take your cup on board and Grand Central will reward you with 50p off your drink (subject to availability).

Starbucks – 25p off: for American coffee lovers, Starbucks offers 25p off hot drinks, except the £1 filter coffee. Last year, the brand introduced a 5p disposable takeaway cup charge to take further steps in reducing single-use-waste.

Costa Coffee – 25p off: did you know that in 2016 Costa became the first coffee chain to turn their stores into recycling points? This chain will not only refill your cup for 25p less, but also allow you to recycle any disposable takeaway cup via one of their stores.

Caffe Nero – double stamps: you don’t get any money off, but you’ll be offered an additional stamp to your loyalty card. For every ninth you buy, the 10th coffee is free.

Top 10 reusable cup discounts cont'd....

M&S Café – 25p off: M&S gives 25p off to all reusable, takeaway cup-holders. However, if you decide to enjoy the brew inside the cafe, you won’t get the discount.

Greggs – 20p off: this high street bakery will knock off 20p of all their hot drinks.

Virgin Trains – 20p off: to help reduce waste, Virgin Trains has also jumped on the wagon and introduced a 20p reusable cup discount.

How much can you actually save?

You probably won’t use a reusable cup every time you buy a drink, but the number of cups can still quickly add up. According to The Independent, the average Brit drinks around 676 cups of coffee a year, which results in £303 less in the pocket. If we take this amount and use the Pret 50p discount, you can save up to £151.50 a year, and the 25p discount will give you back £75.75 per year. So the next time you head out for a coffee fix, don’t forget to #BringYourOwn reusable cup and join #KleanKanteenUK community on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Coffee in Klean Kanteen's Reusable Insulated Tumbler