What Does Pride Mean to You?

What Does Pride Mean to You?

Words: Nicole Lee and Ryann Howard / Images: Brendan Fay

One word that means a lot. We sat down with Nicole Lee, International Sales and Customer Specialist at Klean and her partner Ryann Howard, to chat about pride and inclusivity in the workplace, and what it means to them. Klean is also proud to partner with Whole Foods, who is offering two limited edition bottles for Pride Month. Available at select West Coast locations.

Here's What They Had to Say:

Pride does not just consist of one month; it is constant. It is being resilient, daring, and unapologetically yourself. It is allowing yourself to be free to live and exist the way you want.

It is about fully embracing and respecting what makes us different. And it is OKAY that we’re different; this shouldn’t always be seen as a negative because that is what makes us human. It is what makes us progress, teaches us, and shapes us into extraordinary people. I think it is equally important to acknowledge that we all have core similarities, as well. Afterall, we all benefit from happiness and love in our lives.

We’re all together on this unique planet, just trying to figure it out - stumbling along the way. If we all made conscious choices every morning to lead our lives with kindness, understanding, and patience, I truly believe we can attain equality for all and maintain thriving communities that welcome all people. Let’s take this opportunity to educate ourselves and never assume anything. Let’s create a safe space for all gender expressions. Let’s celebrate our pride!

Always remember that pride was not born out of the need to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community but to protect the community. Let us recall all of the incredible people who came before us to get us where we are today, and though we’ve come very far, we still have a lot more to overcome. My partner and I stand strong with our family, friends, and community as we march in unison to recognize that love is love, and it is beautiful in every way.

Klean's Nicole Lee and her partner Ryan
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Inclusivity in the workplace starts with supporting each other. Encouraging diverse thought inspires innovation. My Klean family makes sure I am setup for success, they lift me up, and they have my back. I feel so fortunate to be apart of such a great company!

What does inclusivity mean to you in the workplace?

So much of our life is spent at work. For most people, personal life is determined by work life. This makes it imperative to work somewhere that values individuality; a place where there are safe spaces and you feel welcomed and accepted no matter your gender, sexual orientation, race, etc. I’ve never worked for a company that has such heart. Klean makes accessible and quality products that have people and the environment in the forefront of every conversation. This philosophy is all-encompassing and makes Klean so unique. Klean walks the talk!

"Always remember that pride was not born out of the need to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community but to protect the community."